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The Northumberland Covid Business Response Programme is fully funded by The North of Tyne Combined Authority and in order for us to provide you with this free business support we are required to ask for specific information about your business, including basic financial information, as well as details of previous grant funding.

In addition, The North of Tyne Capacity fund stipulates eligibility criteria around who can access the full business support. So by completing the registration we can determine your business’s eligibility for the programme. All information provided will be kept for internal audits and monitoring only.

Business Details

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If at least 51% of customers are a business then you are classified as Business to Business. If at least 51% of customers are individual customers then you are classified as Business to Customer.

Equality and Diversity Monitoring

The Northumberland COVID Business Response Programme is commited to meeting the aims set out in our equality and diversity policy; to ensure equality and not discriminate against anyone under the Equality Act 2010.

The information that you provide will remain confidential and stored securely. Please tick the most relevant box.

State Aid

In order to avoid public funding distorting competition within the European Common Market, the European Commission regulates the levels of assistance which the public sector can provide to businesses (“the State Aid rules”). You should note carefully the requirements needed to comply with the European State Aid rules and if need be, refer to the relevant legislation.

It is proposed that the assistance provided will comply with the State Aid rules since it will be provided in line with the De Minimis exemption (in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013). Under this exemption a single undertaking may receive up to the limit of €200,000 of De Minimis aid from the Member State within which it does business and which provides the aid over any period of three fiscal years.

if, within the current or past two fiscal years, your business, or any other business that it may be linked with, has received support from any public sources in any form, financial or non-financial, then your business may have received De Minimis Aid.

Please complete the Statement of Previous Aid received under the De Minimis exemption, remembering to give consideration to any other business that your business may be linked with. Using this information we will assess your eligibility to receive assistance.

The value of the aid under this initiative is estimated to be £11,250 which at the current European conversion rate is €12,600. You may need to declare this amount to any other UK public body intending to provide aid, in addition to any audit or other investigation, and who requests information from you on how much De Minimis aid your business has received. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you maintain a record of this De Minimis assistance for future reference

If you are in any doubt as to whether previous assistance received would constitute De Minimis assistance please raise your concerns as soon as possible.


Please download and complete this document with your information.

You will then need to save the document as a PDF before you can re-upload it back into this form.

You can do this in Word by clicking ‘File’, ‘Save As’ and then selecting ‘PDF’ from the ‘Save As Type’ dropdown menu.

Client Declaration

  • This business is not a business “in difficulty” as defined as 2.1 of the Community Guidelines and State Aid for Rescuing and Restructuring Forms in Difficulty (2-4/C22/02) at the time of this declaration.
  • I acknowledge that I am receiving business advice from the date below and that I will notify you as soon as possible of any changes to my personal information or our status as an SME.
  • I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information given on this form is correct and that I am authorised to represent this enterprise and understand the requirements of De Minimis (EC Regulations 1998/2006).

By registering onto the Northumberland COVID Business Response Programme you are providing consent for your details to be processed and shared with Advance Northumberland and Northumberland County Council who may contact you offering business suport and to make you aware of the additional services that are available to your business.

How we use your data

We record information about all customers to enable us to provide you with the business support that you have registered for, to carry out specific functions for which we are responsible and to provide you with a high quality, accurate service.

We keep records of all of our customers, which may be written down (manual record) or kept on a computer (electronic records).

for detailed information on processing your personal data and how you can withdraw your consent, our privacy policy is here