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Digital Advantage

Giving you the tools to thrive online

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that there is no better time than now to be online.

We are offering eligible businesses the opportunity to work with our web developer, digital marketing company, or Mobile App developer to have a bespoke e-commerce website, digital marketing campaign, or bespoke Mobile App created for your business free of charge.

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E-Commerce Websites

We understand that many businesses we work with are looking to take their products online but do not currently have the tools or the technical knowledge to do so.

We have therefore secured funding to offer up to 100 businesses a brand new website with integrated e-commerce functionality, enabling online sales directly to customers. The site will provide the business with a blank canvas from which to build a customised and tailored site with the support of workshops ran by Business Northumberland. In addition, the project will cover the cost of 12 months of hosting and maintenance fees.

This support will not only provide a business with the tools to sell products online but, more importantly, the knowledge to continue to manage, own and update their own sites beyond the lifetime of this project.

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Digital Marketing Campaigns

We have been supporting SMEs from across Northumberland to understand the power of Digital Marketing for over 5 years. Whilst we can help you understand how to deliver digital marketing campaigns and utilise paid for advertising, ranging from Google to social platforms we know that you don’t always have the revenue behind your business to put the learnings into practice and make it a success. We have therefore secured funding to provide eligible businesses with their first paid for campaign which will be a real benefit to their business and help them further understand the power of Digital Marketing and technology to grow their reach and client base.

As well as attendance at an appropriate Business Northumberland workshop, where the fundamentals will be demonstrated and trained, each eligible business will work with our Digital Marketing Company who will design and deliver a bespoke Digital Marketing Campaign centred on increasing the online reach of the allocated business.

Each individual marketing campaign will come to a total cost of £1,000, of which upto £500 to be spent directly on paid advertising. 

Our Digital Marketing Company will be able to advise you on which method of digital marketing would produce the best results for your business, its product, and client base, including supporting existing channels that your business currently uses and any new channels to help your business achieve its communication objectives.

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Mobile App Development

Trading in the hospitality sector? This one’s for you……

In the face of coronavirus, mobile capabilities are more important now than ever. With delivery and pick-up being the only dining options over the past few months, restaurants and customers have grown more reliant on effective, well-designed apps to identify locations, track orders, and time contact-free handoffs.

We are therefore offering a small number of businesses trading in the hospitality sector within Northumberland to work with a Mobile App developer to have a bespoke Mobile App created fully funded for their business. The Mobile App will be designed bespoke for your business and have the functionality not only to process orders from customers but also feed directly into the government Track and Trace system.

The Mobile app will excel in user experience, meet all industry standards and accurately reflect the objectives of your business. Funding is limited for this area of the programme therefore all registrations of interest will be appraised on business need.

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