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Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes or some guidance.

We know that COVID-19 has thrown our worlds upside down and for many business owners this means that what was once a goal for this year can now seem hard to reach.

We are therefore offering eligible businesses the opportunity to work with an industry expert on a 1 to 1 basis to help you get back on track.

As a business owner, we understand that your mind will be consumed with the day-to-day running and recovery of your business. Business Advantage gives you the opportunity to step away from that to really work on your business growth and strategy.

By working with us, you will receive tailored coaching dependent on your individual business needs. All relationships are managed by your own lead coach from our team to empower you to access the right knowledge, resources, and tools to transform your business and help it recover.

We will provide 12 hours of fully funded 1-2-1 tailored support from a highly experienced consultant who will be selected from our network of experienced business coaches. The help on offer is tailored to your business’ needs and can cover a number of areas and challenges including exploring new methods of business delivery, increase productivity, or become more resilient.

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